​The Summit’s Shiamak Bollywood Group
The hardworking and talented team from The Summit led by The Shiamak Group.
Judy Ginn Walchuk
This 2013 BC Hall of Fame inductee had her own radio show at age 12, her own TV series on CBC during the 70’s with her brother Jim and was a regular on the Merv Griffin show.

Judy has had a music career in London, England and Los Angeles and continues to write and record original music. 
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Jeremy Sellars, who attends a number of North Shore ConneXions programs, is charismatic as well as talented. Last year he was Elvis - and brought the house down. This year he will close the show with another audacious performance supported by Lindsay Krack, Conni Smudge, Chris Gonzales, Danielle Juifs & The Shaimak Group. 
The Unstoppable Conni Smudge
Chris Bolton has yearned for the spotlight ever since he was a boy. He would often put on shows in the living room after big family Sunday dinners. Belting out the commercial “Wonderful, Wonderful Wonder Bra-aw-aww” was his favourite. Later, he attended Gastown Actors Studio where he was inspired under the tutelage of the phenomenal Jessica Van Der Veen. 

Developing a character named Conni Smudge has been a twenty year journey for Chris, and it has been his most rewarding to date. “She” has taken him all over the globe. Conni’s wit, charm and approachable nature has afforded her the honour of performing in the most unlikely of places. From the biker bars of Nanaimo to the grand theatres of Europe, Mz Smudge has done them all. Chris/Conni adores being a reporter with Outlook TV. It gives “Her” the ability to show the world what an amazingly inclusive, loving, entertaining city Vancouver is!
BIO thanks to Outlook TV
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The Vanleena Dance Academy 
has been a highlight of our show for a number of years. 
​The Vanleena teachers focus on fostering self confidence and a love of dance - for life!
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Chloe Chan
Elizabeth Hrushowy
Madeline Simpson
Hannah Spindor
Nicole St. Georges
Jenna Susnik
Stella Nicholson

Joy of Movement Dancers
Anais Doyle
Isabelle Ektefaie
Alexander Hrushowy
Elizabeth Hrushowy

Morgan Brayton is a comedy writer and performer who lives in Vancouver with her family and an excessive number of cats. A Canadian Comedy Award nominee, you may have heard Morgan on CBC’s The Debaters or seen her on BC’s Knowledge Network. When not playing a wide range of roles in film and television such as Cashier #2 or Customer, Morgan can be found live on stage as part of one of Vancouver's hottest comedy shows, The Lady Show.
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Harbour Dance Centre
Harbour Dance Centre's Intensive Training Program (ITP) consists of 20 to 25 hours a week in dance, voice, performance, circus and other dance related studies. The directors and participants work closely together and after careful evaluation, the directors customize the dancers schedule and guide them through the program. Because Harbour Dance Centre is an established dance facility, the ITP students get many chances to perform for events and shows in Vancouver. They work with all of the HDC faculty who have successful dance careers to offer mentorship and guidance for the next generation. We offer seminars on nutrition, injury prevention, auditioning, talent agencies, US Visas, casting agents, dancers currently on tour and many more. We try to give the students as many tools as possible to make sure they are fully prepared for a career in dance. 
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This year, Talia Lal plans to grace the stage at the Mingle for a third time. Talia’s grandfather, acclaimed Jazz musician and Vancouverite, Douglas Parker graduated from UBC in 1945, and spent his life as a multi-genre pianist, composer, arranger and band-leader , much of this with CBC radio and TV. Talia, who took second place in Lynn Valley’s Got Talent 2013, proudly follows in her grandfather’s musical footsteps and will be showcasing her vocal talents again this December.
Connor Nelson

Connor Nelson is a 15 year old Pop/R&B singer. His first concert was held last summer at the Vancouver Club. He was won numerous vocal competitions and has performed at many fundraisers and private events. 

After attending the Ultimate Vocal Summit in California last fall, Connor signed a mentorship-artist deal with Demusic. His performances can be viewed on his YouTube channel “Connor Nelson” 

His performances can be viewed on his YouTube channel “Connor Nelson”   

Alexandra Ergas

Multi-award winning Alexandra, returns to the Mingle stage this year. She began performing at Mingle as a tiny girl with a big voice. Now she is a young woman developing a sound that is uniquely hers and still blowing everyone away.

First Score
This amazing group of actors are entertaining and dynamic. The group is led by volunteer, Saige Woolley. We cant wait to see what they will perform for us this year.  
Kaia Bentall
Aly Cave
Samantha Coppin
Channah Dailsay
Ella Decoteau
Amitis Eskandari
Doreen Feiz
Maya Fox
Alisa Goman
Olivia Ruttan
Caitlin Smart
Regan Tam
Mia Turner

Solontra is a trio of vocal powerhouses comprised of Kat Flandez, Taylor-Rae and Karolyn Haze. Separately, they are established performers and sought after demo and background vocalists, together they are a soulful Pop and R&B ensemble following in the footsteps of musical super-groups like The Supremes, En Vogue and Destiny's Child. 

Performing together since 2009, Solontra will captivate you with their pitch-perfect harmonies and cutting-edge style. Their repertoire includes soulful renditions of hit songs from artists like Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys and Adele. In addition to performing at corporate events and private parties, Solontra is committed to serving their community, and are frequently heard on stages supporting the Shooting Stars Foundation and the Easter Seals.

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The Hot Mammas is a local trio who are so talented and experienced, we're added their individual Bios below. 

If you love 3 part harmony that can take you from The Boswell Sisters to The Andrews Sisters and then shoot you squarely into the 60's with Motown and beyond, then The Hot Mammas is for you!

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(Downtown) JULIE BROWN was born in Montreal. Julie’s first TV singing appearance at age 11 on a kids show called “Small Fry Frolics”, inspired her to continue performing.

Those future performances included a 21 yr. career as a radio broadcaster, singer, and actress in Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver, where she currently lives with husband, Tom, and son, Jared.

She has interviewed such luminaries as Leonard Cohen, Bob Hope, Anne Murray, the Bare Naked Ladies, Gene Hackman, Johnny Depp, and many more.

Born in Arkansas, MARY ELLA YOUNG comes from a musical theatre background. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Stephens College, and has worked as a professional actress and singer in the United States, Canada, and Europe, performing in various musicals, films, and TV productions.’Marian, the Librarian’ in Music Man, is still one of her favourite roles.

The very diverse and talented Mary Ella lived and worked as an actress in L.A. for twelve years before heading to Vancouver where she is Mom to a 13 and 9 year old.

GEORGINA ARNTZEN hails from Regina, Saskatchewan. Performing in venues throughout North America, including New York City and Las Vegas.

With numerous TV appearances on CBC, CTV and a national H.B.O. Special, Georgina also cuts a mean “Klondike Kate” in Western Canada. In 1993, she toured with the Canadian Armed Forces to Asia.

Miz Arntzen and her remarkably talented family reside in Vancouver.